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Interior Design is Not Rocket Science! Here’s Why

So many people live by the myth that you need interior designers London in order to have a beautiful home. But you can still have a lavish looking home with simple décor tips from the best interior design London websites or experts. Here are some tips:

Brightening Walls

Do your living room walls look dull? You can make them brighter by investing in canvas hangings with latex painting. They draw away from the usual norm of picture hangings, and they do a great job of livening brick walls, especially when you go with bigger canvases.

Box Stacks

Are you missing a wardrobe in your bedroom or a cabinet for your living room? You can purchase cheap wooden boxes from online retail sites and stack them up to make a fancy cabinet. Fill the boxes up with anything you like books, still lifes, or a nice display of lighting like table lamps.

Toning Down Colours

If you are seeing too much of one colour in your living room, you can tone them down with complimentary hues. Say your living room is having too much red in it; you can balance the look with touches of white here and there. It could be a white table, lamp, fireplace or picture hangings on the wall. Even white curtains with red polka dots will do the trick.

Hang Your Plates

Maybe you have seen this in restaurants or a five star office, plate decorations are quite the norm when accentuating your interior décor. Try different coloured plates and arrange them in differing patterns to see what look you can come up with. The plate with a more dramatic look should take the center and wires make great plate hangers.

Create Space

A small house can be made bigger when you let in more light. It’s a simple tip that doesn’t require top interior designers because a simple carpenter will do. Take down your smaller windows and install bigger ones, you can also use wooden or portable partitions to divide rooms on the inside and remove them to create space when not needed.

With simple tips from interior design London websites, you can boost your interior décor to something more spectacular. So, it’s not really rocket science when it comes to interior design; just some inspiration, dedication and DIY skills is all you need.

10 Factors That Affect Interior Design’s Longevity.

Interior designers are professionals who work with clients and other design professionals to come up with design solutions that are secure, functional, and attractive.


Factors affecting interior designers London:


Fussy clients.
Fussy customers have always been an issue. Many consumers are knowledgeable about the industry and, therefore, do not only know what they want but also very demanding.
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