Five common myths about interior design

There are many misconceptions of home decorating. Here are five common myths about interior design.

‘I am perfectly capable of doing it myself, so why pay someone?’You can’t live up to the experience of someone who has been in the profession for years, the job a part of their daily practice. Hiring interior designers London ( gives you the support of someone experienced in the area, backed by a rigorous four year degree, so it is undeniable that an expert can do the best job.

apartment interior designer london‘Another person’s ideal won’t reflect my taste’

Your ideas won’t always translate to real life quite as well as you imagined. It is a part of the job of interior designers London to have a flexible mind that envelops the preference of our customer. We will work with your preferences to make that image in your head a reality – simply ironing out some of the less realistic ideas. It isn’t our job to work to our own ideals, so you can be assured that the advice from interior design London is for the best.

When designing a room, everything has to match

When everything matches it takes away the depth of the room, making it cold and impersonal. Different patterns and textures create an array of things to craft an atmosphere to suit your preference. ‘Everything should complement each other’ would be more accurate, as long as everything is chosen with a specific purpose.

Interior designers will only bring in expensive objects

Bringing in expensive objects defeats the purpose of interior design ( Interior design London will work with your budget in mind, allowing you flexibility in your taste and the expense of the items. Quite often, a cheap object can work just as well, if not better than its more expensive counterpart.

You should stick to one particular style

If you restrict yourself to just one style, you will find that you will soon get bored not only of the decorating process, but the finished product. Since every room has a different function, the aim should be to reflect its individual purpose and create the intended atmosphere through the design. Making each space tailored to your tastes can make it seem more like your own.

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